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5 Reasons to Love Lucky FABB NYC 2012

From the moment I stepped foot in New York city, it was as if re-connecting with a long-time friend. Full of smiles and joy, we embraced and picked up right where we left off…never skipping a beat. It was my first time back in Manhattan for more than 24 hours since I left in 2006, after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and working post-completion of school, for married life in Dallas, TX. It’s crazy how life just happens and it’s really been that long. There truly is no other city like New York and it really is everything you see in the movies and everything it’s hyped up to be. I’d also like to add that New Yorkers can get a bad wrap but I found so many people to be extremely helpful throughout my trip. With a Lucky FABB (Fashion And Beauty Bloggers) Conference invitation in hand, I had a major reason to come back to this city of bright lights and dreams. I hand an amazing whirlwind week in New York and most importantly enjoyed myself once again with one of my favorite magazines.

Here are 5 reasons to love Lucky FABB NYC 2012:

  1. The location. “These streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, hear it for New York!” (Alicia Keys, New York)
  2. The line-up. Brandon Holley along with the editors at Lucky Magazine, Terry Lundgren of Macy’s, Rachel Zoe, Lauren Bush Lauren of FEED, Lauren Conrad (check out her new eco collection with Blue Avocado), Anna Sui, and more, gave us some very empowering and valuable information.
  3. The networking. It’s energizing and electrifying to catch up with fellow bloggers, meet new ones, and make other industry connections.
  4. The fashion and beauty. Put a few hundred talented fashion and beauty bloggers together in one room and you’re bound to be inspired.
  5. The gift bag. There were so many eco goodies inside.

What I’m wearing: Lina Rennell Deco Dress, Kyler Jewlery & Naya Black Virtue Booties


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