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Best Natural Foundation Makeup for Black Women & Darker Skin

Finding makeup, foundation in particular, can be quite difficult for black women and those with darker skin tones. Most makeup lines barely even acknowledge women of color which is why when most African-American women find a shade that matches their skin color, they usually become loyal for life. I recently received a request from a reader about wanting to know some natural makeup foundations for African-American women. So here’s a list of the best natural makeup for black women and women of color from other ethnicities with darker skin. All of the brands you will find listed are committed to the environment and using only safe, natural and organic ingredients throughout their entire product line, which means no nasty toxic chemicals in these makeup foundations. They disclose all of their ingredients so you get to determine how pure you want to go. Thank you to each of these companies for representing women of color in their natural makeup products!

  • 100% Pure – Founded by Susie Wang, 100% produces high-quality fruit pigmented cosmetics. Provides photos of real women to make finding your shade extremely easy.Offers spf tinted moisturizer, liquid and pressed powder foundation ($26-32).
  • Alima Pure – Kate O’Brien created Alima Pure for her daughter. Both Kate’s aunt and my mother had breast cancer, and she wanted to protect her daughter from potential cosmetic toxins and irritants. Provides a quick foundation selector tool that helps you find your perfect match. Offers a variety of loose mineral foundation shades ($25).
  • minerals – Merced Manner created b.l.a.c. minerals  from a vision she had to produce pure natural cosmetics for women of color. She found that she wasn’t able to find products that worked well with her skin type and complexion. She wanted high-quality healthy makeup made from the best ingredients. Provides clear swatch images to find your shade. Offers loose mineral foundation ($21.50).
  • Jane Iredale – Jane Iredale founded her beauty line in 1994 and was one of the first to supply the aesthetic industry with makeup that was good for the skin. Provides clear swatch images to find your shade. Offers spf tinted moisturizer as well as loose, liquid and pressed mineral foundation ($44-$52).
  • KmS Mineral Essentials – KmS is a family owned company that doesn’t believe in all of the mass advertising, hype and fancy packaging offered by most leading brands. They just want to make a better quality product at an affordable cost for their customers. Provides clear swatch images to find your shade. You can even have a custom shade created for your skin. Offers loose, pressed and liquid mineral foundation ($27-$29.50).
  • Plain Jane Beauty – Lake Louise founded Plain Jane Beauty out of her passion for creating a makeup line that included foundations that would encompass all shades and skin tones—from porcelain to ebony. Provides swatch images to find your shade. Offers loose, creme and pressed mineral foundations ($24.50-$34.50).
  • Vapour Organic Beauty – Founders Krysia Boinis, Kristine Keheley and Eric Sakes make their foundations with 70% certified organic ingredients and 30% natural mineral pigments and vitamins. Provides photos of real women to make finding your shade extremely easy.Offers liquid and creme stick foundation ($40-48).


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“Best Natural Foundation Makeup for Black Women & Darker Skin”
  • I use Valana Mineral Stardust Luxury Foundation in ‘Fire Goddess’.

    It’s a natural, non-toxic mineral powder foundation that comes in 20 shades designed by a woman of color (an African American woman) with women of color in mind.


  • OMG! Thank you for this post! I was just looking at Jane Iredale wondering which shade to purchase but was a little dismayed that I could not find too many women of color reviewing her stuff although she seems to have a nice range for us. I hope if more ladies are using JI that they do reviews with pictures! Actually the maker of Valana Minerals used premade Essential Wholesale products as bases and them adds other things. Plus others say her foundations have a metallic finish to it. I’m saying this not to be negative but to worn those that prefer not to use products from premade bases or do not want to sport that metallic sheen.

  • This article is right on time. I’ve been systematically replacing my make-up and skincare products with natural versions but was stuck when it came to foundation. I would like to add DeVita to your list. They have whipped and mineral foundations in a spectrum of shades. Another plus, they have the only face moisturizer with natural sunscreen I’ve tried that blends decently with darker skin tones.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this article and it comes at the right time for me!

    I have just bought a sample pot of Hello Beautiful natural mineral powder from

    This company does a lot of natural skin care products so when they launched their mineral foundation range I was over the moon! I used to use MAC but I’m on a budget plus I didn’t much like my skin tone described as NW50, I am more than 2 letters & 2 numbers. I’m not a varchar!

    Anyway, I got 3 samples from Anita Grant’s Hello Beautiful foundation line – Chocolate Ricotta, Hot Fudge & Chocolate Velvet Cupcake. Hot Fudge is great for my oily skin! I put it on after my shower with only a drop of face oil underneath and jumped on the tube to work.

    Let me tell you the London underground was like a pressure cooker today but my makeup stayed put! Usually, the oily patches on my nose is the first to shine but not today, not with my Hello Beautiful foundation.
    Very impressed!

    They have 29 shades and the samples last a good while.
    Only 5 ingredients in the foundation which includes zinc & titanium something.. which I read are natural spf sun blocker ingredients.
    Going to buy the regular size when my sample pot runs out.

  • Thank you so so so much for this article. I actually have about 20 tabs open of reviews and natural organic makeup companies trying to decide which products to choose. This helped me a lot! xoxo

  • Hi, I have a program entitled “Summer Green Teens. I recruit SYEP teens to participate in the program. The teens are taught how to make their environment safe and healthy. They attend various workshops i.e. Coastal Classroom, Learning Gardens, recycling, tree care, etc. This summer I wanted to add another element i.e. teaching them about organic beauty products and what are the benefits. I am located in NYC. I would like you to direct me to some companies that produces organic skincare products for African Americans. Thank you in advance

  • Hello, foxy ladies!

    I am Jasmine Rose, the Founder and CEO of a natural beauty brand called, “Laws of Nature” proudly based out of the US.

    We specialize in premium organic and natural mineral cosmetics, handcrafted skincare and accessories for those groovy naturals. We also offer natural beauty and wellness coaching services. Our cosmetics comes in a variety of beautiful shades!

    As a woman of color myself, I made a conscious effort to create a mineral cosmetic line geared towards women of all skin tones.

    To learn more, visit our website at:

  • Hi, could you speak to the longevity of these products, and how they hold up under hot, humid conditions? I live in a tropical climate (West Africa) and just wondering how some of these brands hold up! Typically, how long do the creams, mascaras, etc. last, since there are none of the chemical preservatives? Also, I assume hot conditions would shorten their life spans?

    Planning to “go natural” anyway, but I’d just like to have reasonable expectations! Many thanks.

  • I was just wondering if anyone knew of any other all natural organic make up websites that actually sell samples? I would greatly appreciate the help.

  • These products are not available in south africa do u guys have any suggestions? I’m 1 shade ligher than alek wek…I love beautiful makeup and tired of the white washed/grey look. Please.

  • For amazing makeup for dark skin, try Christopher Drummond, especially his concealers, they are so freaking amazing! I have tried MANY natural concealers, and this beats any of them hands down! Even beats the un-natural ones! 🙂

    I have acne scars (yes, I was a picker—–bows head in shame), and in the morning I put this on, went to work, and people were commenting on how nice my skin looked, never ever happened to me before! I promise you won’t regret it!

  • I have tried BLAC MINERALS and love them too!!. They have a good selection of colors. I love their foundation and blushes. They go on really smooth and light and hold color all day. Plus the owner’s customer service is amazing, she responds fast and I never really had a problem with my orders.

  • Thank you for this!

    I have been so confused as to why it is so hard to find a color that matches my skin tone and takes care of my skin and my sisters skin color. I am medium she is dark. We’re always walking around orange or red.

    I live in Canada, and not all of these suit me, but Alima and B.L.A.C Minerals seem to be great for me, just ordered samples!

    Thank you for giving me options.

  • Some fantastic natural products and tips! I’ve stopped using my intensive chemical makeup products for more natural alternatives and I’ve never been so happy with the way i look and feel! :). I’ll look into some of these products, thanks!

  • Looking for a concealer that’s natural and covers dark spots on the face, used tawny by fashion fair for many years, need a change that works to conceal,what do you recommend?

  • Much of it is made from Rosa Mosqueta, and has built-in healing properties.
    Rosewood: The rosewood oil is extracted from rosewood tree well known for its beauty.
    ♦ It is recommended in cases of sterility (azoospermia) and when there
    are risks of miscarriages (general medecine uses).

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