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My New Red Organic Color Systems Hair Color

Red Organic Color Systems Hair Color

Two weeks ago, Amy Gabrielson of Organic Hail Salon DFW in Dallas, TX (who also goes between Organic Hair Salon & Nail Spa in Nantucket Island, MA) did my ammonia free red hair color using Organic Color Systems. We stayed within the copper bronze family and I absolutely love how the color turned out! My hair both looks and feels great…soft, hydrated and full of body. Plus, the color is still holding up quite nicely after a few weeks. So here’s the deal on Organic Color Systems…it’s NOT an all organic hair color. We’re just not there yet with hair color to truly give the high-quality and long-lasting results that we all want with a completely all organic formula. However, Organic Color Systems does contain certified organic ingredients, no hazardous fumes, irritation or cuticle damage and is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids as well as offers shades that are completely free of PPD/PTD. This ammonia free hair color is also resorcinol free, certified vegan and cruelty free by PETA, and provides excellent grey coverage. Again, it’s not a perfectly all organic solution but it’s a whole lot better than most hair color solutions available on the market today with toxic fumes. Until, I discover a purer formula, Organic Color Systems is going to be my ammonia free hair color of choice.

Organic Color Systems - Salon D in Dallas, TXWhat do you think of the new color? Do you color your hair? Have you used Organic Color Systems?


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“My New Red Organic Color Systems Hair Color”
  • I’ve been using this color line on all of my clients for almost two years now. I have found Organic color systems to be comparable if not even better results then most traditional color lines with toxic fumes and ingredients. I have helped repair so many clients that has dried out, fried, hair from traditional color. The hair has turned a 180 from how it was when I started with them. The list can go on and on! I love Organic color systems and Im happy to tell everyone about it!

  • I’m thinking of switching over to the Organic Color Systems. My only concern is how well it covers grey? In your experience how has it worked for you?

  • I have been using Organic Color Systems since 2006, This is an excellent line and yes it does color grey, with long lasting color results and the freedom from dry damaged hair . Because there is no ammonia or resorcinol in the hair color a couple of extra steps need to be taken in order to guarantee consistent color results. Pre- treatment of the hair, so that a clean healthy canvas is there to work on. I am an educator for this color line and can tell you that the majority of change is to quite thinking in Ammonia. Consider this line, you will be amazed at the multitude of services you can offer your clients because there won’t be the damage that is associated with Ammonia based color lines.

  • I don’t have grey hair. I have dark blonde to medium brown hair. Will organic color systems lighten hair? If so, how many shades and is it safe to apply to the scalp since I’m not really interested in highlights?

    • Hi Shelly,
      Yes it lifts, There is highlift color as well as Naturalight that can be used on the scalp with oil or off the scalp as well. This line performs as well if not better than all ammonia based color lines. Just because it doesn’t have PTD, or PPD’s or Ammonia doesn’t mean it’s weak.

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