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New Year, New You: Detox Tips

New Year, New You: Detox TipsNew Year’s resolutions and goals are here! After all the holiday indulgences over the past two months, many are putting a detox or cleanse along with getting healthy on that list.

A detox is the process of removing toxic substances or qualities from the body. Why do we need to do this? Think of the body as a shower drain. What happens when it gets clogged? A puddle of lingering muck which results in dull skin, acne, belly fat, weight that won’t budget, fatigue, poor sleep, brain fog and cravings just to name a few.

Every day we are unknowingly exposed to toxic chemicals and pesticides in the air, water and our food. With this overload, our bodies need help with the cleansing process and clearing the drain. Did you know?

  • Food can be exposed to fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides then filled with hormones and antibiotics. Then it can go through radiation, pasteurization, hydrogenation and cosmetic procedures to make it look pretty. That is quite the toxic load.
  • Imagine putting the wrong kind of fuel in your car- it’s not going to run very well and eventually may break down. This is the same thing we’re doing with the Standard American Diet (SAD!) and holiday treats… we’re not running well suffering from pesky skin irritations, sugar cravings, sinus and menstrual challenges, constipation, coffee addiction and a host of other symptoms of toxicity.
  • Once the system is cleaned out through detoxification, our bodies have an amazing ability to heal itself without prescriptions, treatments or expensive experts. Imagine having energy all day long and after work you’re still ready for the gym, a night out with friends or much needed YOU time!

Here are my top 3 Detox Action Steps:

1. Minimize exposure to unnecessary toxins and chemicals by eating organic food as much as possible and using clean and green personal care and home products. I always refer back to Organic Beauty Talk’s Ingredients to Avoid list.

Take Action: Throw away one beauty product this week that has any of these ingredients and choose one food that will be organic over conventional.

2. Quality sleep is just as important as eating, breathing and drinking water. 7-9 hours of uninterrupted z’s during our normal circadian rhythm (10pm-6am) is a must for detoxification. This is our body’s time to push the reset button. If bedtime is usually midnight or later, major detox time is being completely skipped over!

Take Action: Schedule sleep in like any other important meeting or commitment. It helps to rest and rise at the same time everyday. Put it in a calendar every night for a week and stick to it.

3. Unclog the drains with a substantial cleanse at least twice a year. There are many to choose from and I recommend one that focuses on eliminating inflammatory trigger foods while increasing cleansing foods and supplements. Cleansing should increase energy, encourage sounder sleep, clear up skin conditions and create sustainable healthy habits for lasting health within the first day or two. If detox symptoms come on strong, the cleanse is too strong. Food-based cleanses are a wonderful place to start and great for the winter time that set people up for success.

Take Action: My go-to cleanse is Urban Detox Club’s 12-day Revolution because it’s a real cleanse for real people. Plus, juice-only cleanses make me “hangry”! It also comes with a natural smoothie mix and supplements for a super supportive cleanse.

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Happy New Year and happy cleansing!


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“New Year, New You: Detox Tips”
  • Organic Beauty, These are some amazing tips! Just curious: I am doing a research project on the effects of dehydration on the skin. Everyone says drinking water does not matter…note: This is the medical end. I want to get the opinions of organic bloggers such as yourself. Does drinking water REALLY MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the appearance of our skin?
    Any research you have found to back this up would be phenomenal help as well!

  • Hi Jade, great question! I personally believe our skin reflects our inner health. Hormonal balance in the body is regulated by water, indicating a key link between drinking water and how are skin looks including dealing with breakouts, eczema and other skin conditions. Knowing that acne is primarily a sign that hormones are imbalanced and that the body’s detoxification system is backed up with an overflow of toxins, the first place to start in healing the body from the inside out is drinking half your body weight in ounces of contaminant-free water daily. So it only makes sense that drinking water really does make a difference. Check out these sites for more research in the power of water:
    I hope that helps, Laurisa

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